Audacity Mastery Video Series


Audacity Mastery For Podcasters video series is a complete Audacity tutorial series that will give you the training and audio editing tips you need to make your podcasts sound amazing! In the nearly 2.5 hours of lessons you’ll learn which tools and effects to use to improve the sound quality of your podcasts, how to edit your podcasts faster, and even fix trouble spots like Skype glitches.

In this 7 part video series you’ll learn:

Part 1: Introduction – In this 2 minute video I give a brief overview of the video series and what you will find in each session.

Part 2: Overview of Audacity – In this 18 minute video I take you through the toolbars and menus of Audacity and give you an explanation of which tools are needed for podcasters.

Part 3: Setting Up Your Workflow – In this 20 minute video I guide you through several time-saving exercises that will help you set up your mouse, keyboard, and monitor to efficiently edit your podcasts. I introduce you to keyboard shortcuts and talk about how to set them up in a way that maximizes your efficiency. I also show you how to save time by making chains, and how to be a visual audio editor.

Part 4: Basics of Audio Editing – In this 29 minute video I build upon the previous sessions and show you how to use the information I’ve presented. I show you all the basics of audio editing that you’ll use every single time you edit a podcast.

Part 5: Advanced Audio Editing – In this 40 minute video I take you step-by-step through 20 different challenging sections of audio. I show you how to evaluate the audio to find the best places to make edits, provide tips to remove and reduce Skype glitches, improve interviews so that your audience has a better listening experience, smooth out rough spots, and make your edits invisible to listeners.

Part 6: Using Projects – in this 20 minute video I take you step-by-step through the process of creating Audacity projects. I show you a very basic project and a very complex project. I discuss the ways that projects can help you save time in the editing chair and deliver a more consistent sound with your podcast. I also talk about when a project is a good tool, and when a project is not necessary.

Part 7: Exporting and Tagging – In this 14 minute video I show you how to export your edited project or audio file, convert it to mp3, and tag the mp3 with proper podcast tags. I also show you how to cut your file size in half without compromising any of the sound quality of the podcast.

NOTE: This video series covers Audacity for Mac, Windows (PC), and Linux. When differences arise between the versions, I discuss the differences and offer tips and plug-ins that will help you with each version of Audacity.