DarrellStudioPicHi, I’m Darrell.

I began podcasting about the TV show Fringe in 2008 and formed Golden Spiral Media in 2010. Golden Spiral Media has more than three dozen podcasts and growing. Golden Spiral Media has been nominated for over a dozen podcast awards, including three nominations for Best Produced, and winning Best Entertainment in 2010 and best TV & Film podcast in 2017.  In 2014 I established Pro Podcast Solutions as a stand-alone brand to help podcasters produce better podcasts and hone their craft.  Pro Podcast Solutions now actively serves over 200 podcasters with our team of editors, writers, and podcast specialists.

I’ve spoken about podcasting and audio production at Blogworld 2012, New Media Expo 2013, New Media Expo 2014, Podcast Movement 2014, Podcast Movement 2015, Podcast Movement 2016, Podcast Movement 2019, Podcast Movement 2020, Podcast Movement 2021, PodFest 2016, and Podfest 2017.

My biggest joy in life is my family. I married my wife Kari in 1999 and we’ve been blessed with two beautiful, bright, and fun kids. You can hear me talk about them quite often in episodes of my daily podcast, Stuff I Learned Yesterday.